Help for non-french speaking ambassadors

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Help for non-french speaking ambassadors

Messagepar Darchelin » 25 févr. 2010, 21:18

Dear foreign ambassadors,
In a way to improve your work here, I'll post and translate some useful informations:

To set the community forum in English

1.Translation of the buttons:
A. Inside the topic:
- Just below the title of the topic you have Repondre which means Answer or post here.
- On the top right of each post you have Citer It means Quote.
- To send a private message to someone; check under his avatar and click on MP (Message Privé: Private Message)
- To edit or erase your post, see on the top right of your post, the red cross is for delete. Editer allows you to edit it.
B. Outside the topic:
- You can create a new topic: see on the top of the section, you'll see a Nouveau button in red with a star. That means "New (Topic)"
- On the right of it you have the search bar. Rechercher means search of course! :D

2.Translation of the message's options:
Désactiver le BBCode => Turn off the BBcode
Désactiver les émoticônes => Turn off emoticones (smiles)
Ne pas compléter automatiquement les liens => Don't automatically complete the url
Insérer une signature (les signatures peuvent être modifiées dans le PCU) => Insert a Signature (Signature can be changed on your control panel (Panneau de contrôle de l'utilisateur)
M’avertir lorsqu’une réponse a été publiée => Inform me when an answer has been posted

3. Translation of the sections' Titles
To help you to post on the right place and to participate in the life of our forum, I give you this translation
General> Announcements / Communication of the Government / Suggests / FAQ / How to, Help and tips
Discuss> Agora / Society / Politics / Defense / Economie and Finance / Foreign Affairs
Gather> Medias & Communication / Political Parties / Companies / Associations
Between Players> Annouces / Gift Exchange
French eRepublik> Official Annoucement / French Resistance / Parlement / Constitutional Council (like the Supreme Court in US) / Decrees, Laws & french Constitution / Foreign Embassies.

If you have other ideas to help your integration better, feel free to PM me.
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